Restorative Dentistry in Killeen, TX

The Killeen Dental Group caters to restorative dentistry services that repair or reinstate the missing teeth or parts of tooth structure. Our dental care experts diagnose the underlying oral and dental conditions of the patients to remove and restore teeth structure to prevent decay or pain in the future. In restorative dental services, we intend to take a holistic approach that improves the oral aesthetics along with the dental health of the patients. 

The restorative dentistry treatments designed at Killeen clinic will enable you to achieve a beautiful smile, improve your speech defects and chew your favorite foods. Get in touch with our professional dental team who will examine your primary teeth conditions and accordingly suggest a line of restorative treatment.

What Restorative Dentistry Treatment Processes Involves? 

Restorative dental care at our esteemed facility involves various treatment procedures based on the dental complications of the individuals. Our dental surgeons suggest treatment after diagnosing and detecting the problems. 

Some common restorative dentistry treatment includes:

  • Cavity Filling: It is the most common process that targets filling dental holes with a composite made from gold, silver, or tooth-colored resin materials to resist bacterial growth. 
  • Crowns: A tooth-shaped crown cap is positioned to restore decay, breakage, or crack in the teeth. 
  • Root Canal: This treatment plan involves removing the exposed soft pulp due to excessive damage or injury and restoring it with composite fillings. 
  • Implants: A missing tooth or excessively decayed and damaged teeth can be replaced with dental implants that are small anchoring posts made from metal to hold the artificial teeth. 
  • Bridges: These are artificial teeth made from porcelain, gold, or alloys meant to bridge the gaps between missing or more missing teeth. 
  • Dentures: If you have lost your healthy teeth due to decay or damages, denture provides an ideal solution. A complete denture replaces all teeth while partial one substitutes for a few lost teeth. 

What is the Treatment Cost for Restorative Dentistry? 

Restorative dentistry Killeen implements various techniques like filing, root canals, bridges, crowns, etc., that aim to replace the missing tooth structure. The cost of restorative dentistry involves certain aspects related to the treatment process. 

  • Type of treatment plan.
  • The number of teeth to be restored. 
  • Insurance coverage provision.

We work with our insurance specialists team that assists you with both in-network and out-of-network coverage plans. It enables you to get the best claim settlement amount. Our office also accepts other types of payment facilities which include cash, cheques, and every major type of credit and debit card. 

What are the Benefits of Restorative Dentistry? 

The restorative services for dental care in our Killeen Dental Group is an overall treatment process that saves the teeth from further decay and damages. The result can help improve the appearance, smile, and self-confidence of the patients. 

There are many privileges an individual can experience after opting for restorative dental treatment, like:

  • Restores the normal function of the teeth.
  • Eliminate pain associated with decayed or infected teeth.
  • Corrective measures prevent further dental issues.
  • Preserve the jawbone density resulting from missing teeth. 
  • Improve the natural appearance. 

Safety and Wellness

Our facility ensures we provide the best safety and wellness initiatives for the comfort and care of our patients. We assure you receive the top-class treatment facility when opting for restorative dentistry near me in Texas.